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Òpera Jove 2017 award to Young Catalan promise.
“Young Promise” from Opera Actual Awards, 2016.
Winner of the fourth official prize award, “Maria Esperança Salvans Piera”, 53rd Francisco Viñas International Singing Contest (2016) along seven more awards; “Teatro Nacional de la Zarzuela” Extraordinary Award to the best zarzuela performer; “Plácido Domingo” Extraordinary Award to the best Spanish singer; “Ajuntament de Moià” Extraordinary Award to the best Catalonian singer; “ Teatro Real de Madrid” Extraordinary Award; “Festival Castell de Peralada” Extraordinary Award; “Fundació de Música Ferrer-Salat” Extraordinary Award and Audience Award.
Selected for taking part at Rossini Festival in Wildbad (Germany), 2015. Awarded the Audience Award from Festival.
Honorary Audience Prize. International Course of Chant ‘Montserrat Caballé’, 2014.
Second Prize Award at International Lyric Contest Miraben i Magrans of Sitges, 2014.
Selected by the Accademia Rossiniana (Pesaro), 2013.
First Prize Award at 9th International Music Contest Música de Les Corts (CIM)
First Prize Award at 10th International Lyric Contest in Premià de Mar, 2013.
First Prize Award at International Course of Chant Camerata Sant Cugat, 2012.
Best singer –under 22 y.o.- at the Segona Competició per a Joves Cantants. Associació Catalana de Professors de Cant (ACPC), 2009.